Rights of an Owner of Copyrights

Copyrights owners have the Exclusive Right to either do or authorize the doing of any of the following:

  • To reproduce the work in any material form including the storing of it in any medium by electronic means
  • To issue copies of the work to the public not being copies already in publication
  • To perform the work in public, or communicate it to the public to make any translation or adaptation of the work Ownership of Copyrights

Normally, the creator of the work is the first Owner.

Assignment Of Copyrights

The Owner of the Copyrights can assign the Copyright either fully or partially or subject to Limitations. The term of assignment can also be specified. Rights of future work can also be assigned. Such rights are however effective only after the work comes into existence.

Term of Copyrights

The normal term of Copyrights is throughout the lifetime of the author plus 60 years from the beginning of the calendar year following the year in which the author dies. In case of joint authorship, the author who dies last will be considered.

Registration of Copyrights

Copyrights need not be registered. However, given the issues of Infringement, it is advisable to register. More often than not the issue of proof of originality of the work is difficult to resolve. A copyrights registration would negate the need for such proof as the Certificate and all the information contained therein is considered sufficient.