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Company Overview

Intigrated Services, a leading provider in Developing Professional Business Strategies in the field of Intellectual Property Rights.
We have experience in a diverse range of services & industries. Whatever your business, we can provide entire IPR services as per your department need. We are very proud of the fact that many of our clients have stayed with us since we started. Some of them use us on a continuous basis and some for specific projects. They like us because we are flexible, we provide consistent quality and we have a professional approach.
In IPR, we are offering all kind of services like Copyrights, Design, Geographical Indications, Patent, Trademark, Patent Analysis, IP Litigation, IP Training, and Intellectual Property Protection Services. Also, offering Portfolio Management Services & Enforcement of Intellectual Property.

Our Personalized Solutions

We endeavour to deliver cost-effective and practical solutions like Legal Consulting Service, International Trade Law Services for various business needs. We understand the client requirement in detail and accordingly devise ways and solutions to do away with them. We offer to our client’s innovative Legal Solutions that help them to generate benefit. All the Legal aspects related to the business are explained in detail in order to avoid any grievances and inconveniences later on.